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SLA2X is an unit suitable for the connection with capacitance and ultrasonic level transmitter.
It display the input analog variable and depending of model, it can provide 2 or 4 relays.
Each threshold can be programmed with different kinds of hysteresis.
Two analog exit 0÷10V and 4÷20mA, and RS232 or MODBUS serial port are available again depending of the model.
Designed to be mached with 4-20mA transmitter, it is specially used to be directly connected to TC22, TC26 e TC30 capacitance level transmitter, furthermore the ultrasonic transmitters 2-wire METER can be powered directly from the SLA2X.
A special function allows a remote self-calibration facility; it can memorized empty-situation by press a pushbutton and the level-condition (from 20 to 100%) pressing another pushbutton.
This function can help during the calibration when using capacitance transmitter and is not easy to change the level from 0 to 100% as riquired from capacitance transmitter.
The l
evel measurement can be converted into volumes or weights, and an optional linearization system can convert to engineering units a level not commensurate with the volume.

point Suitable for any transmitter 4-20mA
point 24Vdc, 24/115/230/Vac power supply
point Wide versions range point IP40 or IP54 or IP66 mechanical proof
point Front panel mounting (std.)
Case panel mount 48x96 frontal IP40; frontal windows IP54; wall mounting execution IP66
Case material Noryl
Keyboard 4 membrane pushbuttons
Display 5+1 digit, max displayed value +-99999
LEDs 4 red
Connections 2 terminal strips, 12 pole
Power supply 24 115 230Vca, 24Vdc; ±10% depending on model
Power consumption 3,3VA (3W)
Measuring input 4÷20mA Ri = 100ohm
Self-calibration input IN1, IN2 max 18Vdc, 4mA
Data memory EEPROM
Transmitter supply output 24Vdc-45mA max
Alarm limits (opt.) 2 or 4 with relays depending on model
Relays rating (opt.) 5A 250V
Analog exit (opt.) 0÷10V (min.1Kohm) or 4÷20mA (max.500ohm)
Serial port (opt.) RS232 or MODBUS
Converter resolution ±20000 points
Linearity 0,0025%
Operating temperature -10°C ÷ +50°C
Conformity to CEE guidelines 93/68 CEE
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