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A short electromagnetic pulse is sent along a rope and is reflected back once it reaches its end. If the rope is immersed into the product to be measured, in the point of contact air/product an echo is generated by this discontinuity. The echo comes back to the same rope and is detected as a surface of the product. A method of time elongation, allows the assessment of the time of flight which, by its nature, is particularly short, to be able to calculate with accurancy the distance and hence the level of the product to be measured. These are particularly suitable for use with powders, granules, bulk solids such as plastic chips in high and narrow silos, as well as in the food industry because these instruments do not require new calibrations when changing the type of product.

This is a very reliable method of liquid level measurement. In practice, the sensors measure the pressure of the column of liquid above the point of measurement. It is a measurement of relative pressure, converted to meters of column of liquid and consequently into a level measurement. The level measurement is transmitted with a 2-wire, 4-20 mA technique.

Ultrasonic is a contact-less technology for level measurement applications. The sensor emits short ultrasonic pulses which are reflected from the product surface and captured by the same sensor. The distance to the product surface is obtained with the exact measurement of the time between pulse emission and echo reception, and consequently the level measurement. An internal digital temperature sensor corrects the measurement as a function of air temperature. Our ultrasonic level transmitters are suitable for measurements of liquids and granules, for distance up to 12 m. Concentrated acids, toxic waste, vapors, agitators presence, by-pass pipes are not obstacles to their application thanks to an evolved signal processing system and a sophisticated analysis of the received echo.

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