Basic chemistry

Basic chemistry

In the chemical industry there are the most different processes, but a common characteristic is the need to measure flow rates, levels, temperatures and pressures with a high degree of reliability. The processes may require physical conditions with pressures and temperatures that place heavy demands on measurement technology. In addition to the physical conditions of the process it is also necessary to take into account the materials used and the ability to withstand chemical aggressions inherent in the process to be measured and controlled.
Another aspect worthy of note is the need to be able to align the safety standards to the process in which the units of measure shall be applied, such as explosion-proof ATEX certifications, materials certifications, IP protection, etc.
SGM Lektra can provide units complying with most of the requirements of the chemical processes.

Units/principles used in the chemical process
– Levels / capacitive, ultrasound, radar (microwave), vibrations
– Flow rates / transit time ultrasound, electromagnetic ranges, Delta-P ranges
– Pressures / relative, absolute, differential
– Analysis / in aqueous solutions, turbidity, specific ions

Flow rate measurement on transfers of liquids
Storage tanks for raw materials
Reaction tanks
Tanks with controlled atmosphere
Tanks with solids in size

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